Message from Chairman

The Malaysian Technical Standards Forum Bhd (MTSFB) is a self-regulating body that work closely with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) and aim at ensuring the industry expectations and consumer expectations meets. Its primary role is to develop Technical Standards and Industry Codes as well as to provide Industry Facilitation services with the objective of promoting competitiveness in the Malaysian communications industry. It is established under the auspices of SKMM. Industry interest in MTSFB is strong and a wide representation and participation is well participated by the telecommunications operators, broadcasters, industry associations, vendor, government agencies and institutions of higher learning through meetings/seminars/workshops, demos, exhibitions as well as field trials.

In the initial phase Working Groups are formed based on strategic prioritization on what we perceive as current industry needs. However, as our membership grows, we expect the current focus to evolve to meet member’s expectations as well as to reflect our national aspirations. It is apparent that the strength of our Working Groups lies in the diversity in the specialized knowledge and expertise of their members. Each of the members also brings different and unique experiences and skills that MTSFB can exploit with positive results.

MTSFB continues to address Technical Standards development for the communications and multimedia industries in Malaysia. Voluntary Industry Codes (VIC) will continue to be developed in order to achieve better quality of communications and multimedia networks. Technical standards on mobile cellular industry have to be continuously up-dated with the introduction of new technologies. Digital Terrestrial Television network that uses DVB-T2 technologies in Malaysia is currently being up-dated to include newer technologies.

Moving forward, in 2013 MTSFB will have Centre of Excellence activities as the complement of technical standards development.  As a start in 2013, the focus will be on IPv6 activities. 

On behalf of the MTSFB Board, I would like to express appreciation to all MTSFB registered members as well as the working group members for making 2012 progressively building up the strength of MTSFB as the centre of technical standards development for the communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia.

Last but not least, thank you very much for all the contribution and support to MTSFB from both SKMM and industry members thus far. MTSFB family has expanded its capacity since its incorporation due to MTSFB remarkable achievement contributing its experience and expertise through its members’ activities.