A Glimpse on Standards

Standards have everything to do with change. They hold change in check by fixing certain parts of a technology. They also allow innovative to happen in a controlled way by creating area of certainty around which change can happen. The process of change, however, is itself changing due to the increased rate of technology development, and this is having a profound effect on how we create and manage standards.

The first recorded legislative about standards in the world was enacted by Ottoman Empire in the period of Sultan Bayezid II in 1502 called “Kanunname-I Ihtisab-I Bursa” (The law of Bursa Municipality) where animal products, fruits and vegetables, salt, bread, industrial products, textile products, forest products and leather products were bounded to a standard and controlled prices. 

The first Malaysian Standards was developed and registered by the Standards Institution of Malaysia (SIM) presently known as SIRIM Bhd in 1969 called – Protective Helmets for Motorcyclists  (MS:1:1969) where later replaced in 1996 by Specification for Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users (MS:1:1996).